Clomiphene citrate usage for men and women

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You may have heard recently about a drug called Clomid. But what is clomiphene citrate? What does it do? Where do you get it? Do you need a prescription? How does it work? What is Clomid’s main side effect? In this site, we will answer many of your questions to give you a good start before consulting your physician for your doctor’s appointment.

Sanofi-Aventis, renamed in 2011 to Sanofi, is one of the most popular pharmaceutical corporations in the world. This company produces high-quality medicines and that explains high popularity and demand among the customers.

Clomid is not an exception: the medicine is made of high-quality materials, which are certified by experts. Clomid is available in coated tablets for oral use, which contain 50 mg of generic Clomiphene. So, it is usually enough one or two coated tablets, depending on the cycle of treatment.

Pharmacological action

The main active component of Clomid is Clomiphene. It is the strongest antiestrogen which regulates the level of the female sex hormone and prevents the development of the pathology connected to this hormone.

The peculiarity of Clomiphene is that it not only provides the antiestrogenic effect during the excessive level of these hormones in the body but also shows a mild estrogenic action in cases when the level of the estrogens is very low in the body.

The mechanism of the action of clomiphene is conditioned that it connects to the estrogenic receptors of hypothalamus and hypophysis, reduces their activity, and it stimulates the secretion of the gonadotropic hormones. It stimulates the maturing of follicles in the ovary and the appearance of the ovulation.

In high doses, Clomiphene provides completely different actions.

Using Clomid in the male therapeutic practice the mechanism of the action is identical. As a result of the reduction of the estrogen level in the body, the testosterone level is increased which restores the normal work of the testicles, and it allows increasing the quantity of sperm and concentration of the live active spermatozoa.

Clomiphene citrate for women

There is a known dilemma in the world: while some women are looking for ways to prevent them from having babies, the other is going to die to have ones. There is already a tradition to think that prior to you decide to expand your family you should have a nice job, a cozy house, and a loving spouse so that you can have kids to become a complete family. But here your plans can go awry, the way you don’t expect them to be. Infertility can queer your plans. Once you have a similar problem, there is still a chance to overcome it. Clomid is not a miracle cure for unproductiveness, yet it’s the number one medication in the world used to enhance reproductive fertility in women.

Treating female infertility with Clomid (Clomiphene) – more information.

Clomiphene Citrate, sold under the brand name Clomid, has been found very efficient in the treatment of infertility. This drug is very effective in stimulating ovulation, which can be irregular due to the lack of some hormones. However, Clomid is helpless when a woman suffers such an unpleasant condition as blocked fallopian tubes. Is this case it will be pointless to stimulate ovulation when the egg can’t move in the tube. Clomid works only for women who have anovulatory cycles or irregular ones and need an additional ‘stimulator’ to make ovulatory possible. Also, Clomid is prescribed to women with the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) to manage it.

Direction for the use:

– Stimulation of the ovulation.

– Female infertility caused by the absence of ovulation.

– Male infertility.

– Amenorrhea – the prolonged absence of the menstruation

– Lactorrhea – lactation which is not connected with baby feeding.

–  Polycystic ovarian syndrome.

–  Androgen deficiency.

–  Oligospermia – reduction of the live and active spermatozoa.

As you see this remedy may be successfully used by both men and women. However, the use of Clomid drug is possible only after the indication of the exact diagnosis and all laboratory analyses in the hospital.

It is not the only thing you need to know. What Clomid does is it makes your body produce more hormones needed to ensure conception. If your body does not produce the correct dosage of hormones, it is extremely difficult to become pregnant or to carry a baby to full term. Also if your body does not produce the hormones properly it will be difficult as well. For example, if your body produces more progesterone than estrogen or if your body produces more estrogen than progesterone, you may have difficulty conceiving.

Clomid for treat dysfunctional metrorrhagia successfully

Dysfunctional metrorrhagia often occurs in women due to numerous medical conditions. If you have encountered this alarming symptom, don’t despair: there are efficient medications, treating the condition effectively, such as Clomid.

Vaginal bleeding is considered the norm only if it occurs during the period. If it starts between periods, during pregnancy, or after a woman has entered menopause, this is an abnormal phenomenon that requires professional medical consultation and correction. Depending on its trigger and amount of blood loss, vaginal bleeding can be both minor trouble and a serious threat, suggesting immediate medical assistance. If you have dealt with abnormal uterine bleeding before, you know that doctors sometimes prescribe for its treatment Clomid.

It goes without saying that an uncontrolled loss of blood can cause anemia and is fraught with serious health complications. If your abnormal bleeding is abundant, urgent medical attention is absolutely necessary. The spectrum of metrorrhagia occurrence is quite wide, that’s why the efficiency of its treatment acquires gigantic importance.

Dysfunctional metrorrhagia is just a symptom, pointing at a major health problem. That’s why treatment for acyclic bleeding suggests a therapy of the underlying disease that is accompanied by dysfunctional metrorrhagia. Consult your doctor to undergo the necessary diagnostic testing and begin therapy as soon as possible.

How to use it with no prescription

Today, Clomid is available medication, which can be bought at any street pharmacy or ordered online – a more convenient and cheap way. Usually, patients are prescribed to start from clomiphene citrate 50 mg per day in the first five days of admission. The first tablet should be taken in the third, fourth, or fifth day after the onset of menstruation. Within seven days after the last dose of medication, you may notice anovulation. If ovulation has not appeared, Clomid dosage of 50 milligrams should be increased up to 150mg every day. Once you start to ovulate, most doctors advise you to buy Clomid online and use it no longer than 6 months. If you are at this time and do not become pregnant, your doctor will prescribe other medicines.

Clomid as a post-cycle supplement

There are innumerable supplements that can be used for your post-cycle plan. The most common and popular one is Clomid. It is cost-effective and has comparatively fewer side effects and is highly efficacious. The post cycle plan should immediately begin at the completion of your steroid cycle if you don’t want to witness any unpleasant consequences. This post cycle is usually of 4-week duration and it is always better to buy Clomid along with your steroids so that you don’t skip the post cycle plan at any cost.

Possible clomiphene side effects

The side effects which may appear during the use of Clomid usually have a mild character and do not need the medical intervention.

The most common side effects of Clomid are headache, dizziness, increased excitement, increase of the ovaries, increased sensitivity of the breast, flushes, increase of the body weight, and pain in the bottom of the stomach.

One of the side effects may be a multiple pregnancy. For many women, it will be a great gift but it is necessary to be ready for such a gift because Clomid increases the chance of the multiple pregnancy several times.

If the side effects complicate the vital activity of the patient and cause discomfort, it is necessary to see a doctor.

Clomiphene for men

Women are the ones who have always been faulted for the act of not getting pregnant, but male infertility is also a very real possible reason. Women do not get pregnant even after continual unprotected intercourse, for over a period of 12 months is also a symptom of infertility in males. More than 25% of the couples have been found to deal with this issue. Men with the advancement of age, also decrease the production of sperm. More than 40% of all infertility cases are due to men being the culprit.

Male infertility is not due to his virility, but because of insufficient amount of good quality sperm in semen. Besides, a decreased number of sperm can also be a reason. The inefficiency of sperm or semen fluid getting more viscous is also the case when a man can become sterile. Medical ailments can also result in this inability.

The decreased number of sperm is primarily due to high fever just after the puberty age. This disorder is known as mumps. Normally, sperm takes 75 days to mature and be fit for fusion. If you have had issues for the last three months, do inform your doctor.

clomiphene citrate for men is able to block estrogen receptors in the brain. Basically, this medication stimulates the release of those hormones that are needed for fertility. It is very important to use this medication currently if you want it to be effective and harmless.

Clomid for men: against infertility and to help bodybuilders – more information.

That is why, if you experience problems with fertility for some time, you should go to your healthcare provider and find out the reasons for that. The exact dosage of this medication, you will find out from your healthcare provider. There is no one standard dosage of Clomid (although, often it is prescribed in the dosage of 50 mg) that is recommended for the use but it should not be more than 250 mg per day. Unlike many other medications, you will not need to use Clomid all the time, but just in some particular days.

Clomid for Post Cycle Therapy: the main benefits

A lot of athletes, especially bodybuilders, require the use of further drugs after the steroids cycle. This kind of usage is known as post cycle therapy. Many make use of Clomid for post cycle therapy. This drug can be used during the cycle as well.

The reason athletes are asked to consume Clomid for post cycle therapy is that steroids cause an increase in estrogen levels that need to be lowered back to normal, especially in men. Amplified estrogen levels can lead to edema and gynecomastia which can be avoided with the use of Clomid. Androgen levels also decrease due to excessive estrogen and due to this, fat distribution, as seen in females, can also take place. So the use of Clomid for post cycle therapy is mainly to circumvent the estrogen effect to the steroids. This also stimulates the appropriate glands to bring the hormone levels back to normal after the end of a cycle.

Clomid is preferred because it is a very strong drug and acts much faster than others. It neutralizes rebound estrogen very efficiently and rapidly. This is because Clomid directly acts on achieving the normal hormone levels while other drugs, sometimes, have a slightly harmful effect.

Even though the structures of drugs for post cycle therapy are quite similar, they all don’t act in the same manner, and they aren’t considered alike by people who use them. There are a few positive facts about using Clomid for post cycle therapy. Firstly, it has a strong effect on the liver as an estrogen. This provides positive advantages in the liver of the user while keeping the rest of the body away from harmful effects. Secondly, Clomid has a good effect on bad cholesterol levels in the body. It doesn’t solve the cholesterol crisis completely but it certainly keeps it controlled within a certain limit.

Use of Clomid for post cycle therapy is recommended strongly because it is also safer as compared to other post cycle therapy drugs. Other than the positive facts described earlier, this medicine does not lead to the basic side effects caused by other drugs. Some harmful side effects that can occur due to the use of such drugs are acne and irreversible affect on the eyesight. Permanent eyesight damage is one of the biggest reasons why one should not use other drugs. None of these side effects have been experienced by people who use Clomid for post cycle therapy.

More than 20 years of successful usage and thousands of clinical tests have proved Clomid medication strongest, effective and safe medication for causing ovulation in women. According to statistics, on average, 60% – 80% of women who buy clomiphene without prescription and take it during a specified period, begin to ovulate, and about half of them become pregnant as a result of therapy. Most pregnancies occur after three cycles. It has been proved by studies and numerous patients that Clomid is absolutely safe for use.

Clomid is not difficult to apply. They are offered available as capsules, not as injections. Clomiphene citrate 100 mg should be used orally with a full cup of drinking water for five days, without or with food, and just as guided by the medical professional to be more effective.

Clomid dosing will be based upon your current situation and reaction to treatment; so do not take that more frequently as well as for a longer period than recommended by the medical professional. Permanent therapy with Clomid 100mg is not really advised and it should not be extra than 6 fertility cycles. For most effective final result of Clomid dosing, medical professional might possibly lead you to report the temperature of the body, perform certain ovulation lab tests, and lead you to have sexual activity at the most fortunate times.

You will find out the incredibly affordable prices waiting for you online to buy Clomid, once you begin thinking about it. In fact, choosing a drug-store that offers to buy Clomid of the same high quality as if you buy clomiphene at your localized drug store demands some time and energy.

Founding the most reliable and affordable place of where to buy Clomid, you should turn to your doctor or other specialists for consultation and follow all his recommendations, thus you will be able to achieve necessary results.

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