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Clomiphene is an antiestrogen that gets combined with estrogenic receptors in ovaries and hypothalamus. It causes suppression of the activity of the estrogenic receptors so that the synthesis of the female sex hormones is reduced in the body. Due to the reduction of the content of the circulating estrogens Clomiphene favors the production of gonadotropins.

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The increase of the gonadotropin hormones favors the recovery of the normal hormonal balance, an increase of testosterone, and improvement of the functioning of the reproductive system. After the course with Clomiphene drug, the normal ovulation is restored in the woman, the risk to become pregnant is increased and the chance of the multiple pregnancies is increased by several times.

How does Clomid work? The action mechanism of Clomiphene in men is completely identical except that the drug affects the receptors of the estrogen in testicles and the hypothalamus. In men, this drug increases the natural production of testosterone, reduces the number of estrogens, and prevents the appearance of the female sexual signs. The drug also improves the work of the testicles and treats the male sterility caused by the lack of spermatozoa activity and lack of seminal fluid.

Clomid for men: against infertility and to help bodybuilders

Signs of infertility can also be evident in men. Abnormal testicles can be a factor of infertility. Sometimes a sign of infertility in men is due to an external cause. Men who wear tight underwear or jeans may have an inability to produce sperm for conception. Exposure to heat by their scrotum and gonads can also lead to an inability to produce children. Some signs of infertility in women and men are the same. Both men and women may have an inability to produce offspring due to weight problems brought by abuse of different substances and an imbalanced diet.

If the result of male infertility is hormonal imbalance, in this case, the doctor prescribes treatment with Clomid.

How to take Clomid

Clomid can be used by male athletes to increase endogenous testosterone levels during the ending of the steroid cycle when the contents of this hormone in the body drastically drop. If you do not restore testosterone levels to the desired, it is possible that the size of your muscles will decrease: a so-called post-steroid breakdown.

As a rule, this breakdown is due to the fact that the content of the catabolic hormone of cortisol becomes highest, thus determining the synthesis of proteins in muscles and leading to catabolic metabolism. Therefore, Clomid may be in demand by athletes. Among women, this drug is little used for sporting purposes.

Dosage adjustment for men

Most athletes start with 100mg a day, taking them to 50mg morning and evening after meals. On the fifth day of taking the dose is often reduced to one 50mg – tablet per day.

Men are advised to take the drug is not more than 50-100 mg (1-2 tablets) per day for 4-6 weeks. This will enable to normalize testosterone in the body. For an immediate increase in testosterone levels, this medication can be used in combination with HCG.

Attention! This combination can only be used at the end of a steroid cycle, otherwise, it will lose its effectiveness and will provide only a side effect. If there is not any effect, the second cycle of treatment is conducted but not earlier than one month after the first. Dosage — 100 mg for 5 days: duration of treatment does not increase.

Clomid side effects in men: what should I watch for while taking clomiphene?

See your prescriber regularly for checks on your progress, testing of your sperm will need to be done regularly to see if clomiphene is increasing your sperm counts.

See your prescriber regularly for checks on your progress, testing of your sperm will need to be done regularly to see if clomiphene is increasing your sperm counts.

You may get dizzy or have blurred vision; until you know how clomiphene affects you, do not drive, use machinery, or do anything that needs mental alertness. Tell your prescriber if vision changes occur.

For males, Clomiphene is prescribed in therapeutic doses to increase the secretion of testosterone. The purpose of using Clomiphene is an increase in the number of sperm in the semen.

Therapeutic dose of Clomid and way of use

It is not recommended taking Clomid without prescription because before starting the treatment it is needed to have a medical examination, make sure of the absence of the contraindications for the use and get special recommendations from the attending doctor.

Men have prescribed 1 tablet of Clomiphene 50 mg once a day within 2 months to treat oligospermia and/or increase the production of the natural testosterone.

What is Post Cycle Therapy?

Bodybuilders and athletes around the world tend to use androgenic hormones or steroids to build an extra layer of muscles and gain strength that could help them in getting an edge over the opponent in a game. Steroids or prohormones basically aid the body in building muscle mass and strength beyond the natural capacity of the body, which bodybuilders crave for. Now steroids cannot be used over an extensive period of time and neither its use can be terminated all of a sudden. This is the reason post cycle therapy is always discussed when it comes to the usage of exogenous anabolic hormones.

In case you are new to this steroid-using field and are an amateur bodybuilder, it is important to really know what exactly a post cycle therapy is. Well, post cycle therapy is actually a regimen of using medications at the end of a steroid cycle in order to restore the body’s ability to produce the hormones (it stopped producing during the steroid intake) naturally once again. This post-cycle plan is highly important and in fact, it won’t be wrong to say that you can’t get the maximum benefits out of your steroid cycle unless and until you go for a post-cycle plan.

Basically, prohormones work just like the normal body hormones that produce testosterone, so when you start your steroid cycle, it makes your body recognize that testosterone is being produced, and therefore the body itself stops producing it. Now as long as you are taking the steroids, everything seems to be working in perfect shape, you start growing muscles, lose fat, and gain strength. However, what you really don’t witness while being on steroids cycle is that your body also produces negative feedback in response to these anabolic hormones, being taken. Now negative feedback means, the body will raise the estrogen levels, you will have high cortisol levels and of course low testosterone levels. The effects of high estrogen and cortisol levels will appear if you terminate the use of steroids without going for proper post-cycle therapy.

The post cycle plan includes a number of medications, readily available in the market that helps the body restore to its normal condition as it was before the usage of steroids and does not let you witness the horrific consequences that one normally experiences in the absence of a post cycle plan. For instance; you will start losing muscle mass, gain fat, and worst of all may have to witness an embarrassing condition that is gynecomastia, if you don’t follow a post cycle therapy.

Post Cycle Therapy with Clomid

When it comes to building muscle and toning your body there are numerous methods and formulas you can use to increase the efficiency of your workouts and obtain more results. Post cycle therapy is the process of recovering after your workouts by taking supplements to balance out the hormone levels in your body. Your body likes to be balanced on all levels, and the medical field has termed this phenomenon homeostasis.

Using post cycle therapy is very important if you are looking to keep your body in balance and get the most out of every workout you complete. Without incorporating post cycle therapy into your workout routine you will lose most of the gains you have made while working out and taking the supplements. PCT is used after taking anabolic or prohormone supplements for an extended period of time. PCT involves taking supplements that help restore your body’s natural output and production of these important hormones to ensure you don’t lose the muscle mass you have worked so hard to gain. PCT is one of the most important, yet oftentimes overlooked aspects of keeping your body balanced and healthy.

Clomid can be prohibited in some diseases. Do not take Clomid if you have diseases of kidney, liver, allergy to Clomid or any other component of the drug, pituitary tumor, or its incorrect work. Do not take the increased dosage as it may lead to dangerous side effects and overdose.

The overdose symptoms are similar to the side effects, but they are more serious and dangerous. These can be nausea, vomiting, hot flash, blurred vision, or stomachache.

The side effects during the use of Clomid are rare. The correct usage of the drug-taking into account all contraindications and directions of the doctor will help you effectively and safely finish the entire course of treatment. However, the incorrect usage of the drug may cause some side effects.

CENTER FOR DRUG EVALUATION AND RESEARCH Approval Package for:APPLICATION NUMBER:NDA016131/S-026Trade Name:CLOMID Generic Name:Clomiphene Citrate Tablets USP Sponsor:Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC Approval Indications:CLOMID is indicated for the treatment of ovulatory dysfunction in women desiring pregnancy PDF FDA.gov.

The possible side effects are as follows: headache, giddiness, depression, high fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and vision disorder, nausea. There can be also weight gain, pain in the abdomen, reversible loss of hair, and allergic reactions.

If you experience any side effects, turn to the doctor and you will be prescribed special recommendations that will help you to prevent the appearance of the side effects. The drug is undesirable to combine with alcohol, as this reduces the Clomid effectiveness. How does Clomid react with alcohol?

How to use Clomid PCT: Сlomid only pct dosage

Using post cycle therapy correctly is important so you can achieve maximum results with your workout routines.

The purpose of taking Clomid is to boost the levels of testosterone in your body. Testosterone is one of the primary chemicals responsible for muscle growth and an increase in muscle mass. Clomidc has been shown to raise the testosterone levels in the body by up to 42% when it is used during your post cycle therapy supplement regimen.

There have been numerous studies conducted which show that taking Clomid 100mg daily can elevate the testosterone levels in your body by up to 30%.

Your body naturally produces an enzyme known as aromatase which causes testosterone to degrade into estrogen. Taking Clomiphene is important because it prevents the majority of the testosterone you have created from reverting into estrogen.

Incorporating a successful post cycle therapy regimen into your existing workout routine is important. It helps maintain homeostasis within the body, which makes it much easier to gain muscle mass and get the most out of every workout.

Is it safe to buy Clomid over the Internet?

You can buy Clomid from all local drugstores and pharmacies, but also from a variety of specialized websites and web-stores. As previously mentioned, Clomid does not require any additional drug prescription, but you should immediately inform your gynecologist if you are seeking Clomid treatment.

Choose to buy Clomid from specialized websites where delivery is fast and discreet. Moreover, before deciding on the right site to buy Clomid online, make sure it has the most appealing prices and shipping methods. Keep your medicines out of reach of children and only take them according to your doctor’s prescription. Do not exceed the number of pills or the numbers of treatment days as Clomid will not function better if you do.

How to buy Clomid  for pct

On the world market, Clomid has obtained great popularity, and therefore it is possible to buy Clomiphene in any country. Clomid is in free sale only by prescription of the doctor. It is a very strong medicine that influences the hormonal changes and its independent use is not desirable. However, many patients take this estrogen for a long period of time, and as you know the doctor’s prescriptions have the expiration date, after its end it is needed to go to the medical establishment.

In order to save time, it is possible to buy clomiphene online without prescription of the doctor. In order to buy Clomid pct online you do not have to fill out the medical forms or blanks, and there is no need to show your prescription.

Besides the opportunity that Clomid may be bought without prescription in online pharmacy, the price at this antiestrogen is lower while buying it via Internet pharmacy. Clomiphene online may cost several times lower than in the usual pharmacy. After the purchase of clomiphene online you will be delivered the medicine within the indicated time. The delivery is made promptly to any country of the world regardless of your residence.

You will always find cheap Clomid without prescription which is delivered directly from the manufacturer in online pharmacy. You can be confident in the high quality of the drugs because they pass all needed checks for the quality and have all certificates.

Clomid review

Dr. Eli A. Rybak, a reproductive endocrinologist

One of the most common types of drugs I prescribe to my patients during PCT is Clomid which has the ability to inhibit estrogen production with respect to some genes and may also act as estrogen with respect to others. Clomid has estrogenic effects on bones, which brings about an increase in bone density making you stronger. It also prevents gynecomastia which is the abnormal production of mammary glands in males. Therefore, due to its discerning abilities towards some genes, such drugs are considered to be ‘selective’ in nature.

However, the use of Clomid in post cycle therapy treatment is not only because of its estrogen inhibition ability but also because it helps in raising testosterone levels in the human body. Clomid has a special effect on the pituitary gland and hence the testosterone levels on the human body increase. On average, 100 mg of Clomid results in about 150% increase in testosterone levels.

I also use this drug in the treatment of male infertility. Clomid has almost no side effects and has been shown to be highly effective. I have been prescribing this drug for more than 5 years, at the moment this is the best option that I recommend to my patients and athletes.


Jonh O. 27 y.o.

I am starting post-cycle Clomid therapy only after testing for estradiol and prolactin levels. If estradiol is elevated, I take an aromatase inhibitor to lower estradiol, with increased estradiol, recovery will take longer. If I need a not too aggressive course, then My Clomid dosage for pct was 50 mg for 20 days in a row, then I lower the dosage to 25 mg and continue to take the drug for another 15 days. I have never felt any side effects at this dosage.


Nick, 43 y. o.

Dosage of Clomid 50 mg was not effective for me. After a week of taking, I switched to 100 mg daily. On the first day of taking the increased dosage, I felt mild itching on the face skin, which passed the next day without taking antihistamines. I did not notice other side effects. My muscle gain has improved significantly. The drug has proven effective, and I will take it in the future.


Mary, 32 y.o.

My husband and I could not have a baby for 3 years. After a medical examination, it turned out that my health was in order, the reason was my husband’s infertility. He was prescribed Clomid at a dosage of 50 mg once a day for 3 months. 3 months after completing the course of treatment, I found that I was pregnant. After 2 months, our baby will be born. Thanks to this magic pills!


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