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The doctor received a Master of Health degree from Johns Hopkins University. For a long time, he practiced gynecology, obstetrics, gynecological oncology. He completed an internship in reproductive endocrinology. Now he is an Assistant Clinical Professor at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Rybak is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and board eligible in reproductive endocrinology.

What services does the reproductive endocrinologist provide?

Dr. Rybak will prescribe you a complete diagnostic of your health, which will include several important steps before prescribing the main treatment.

Tests to detect infertility

Infertility is such a common ailment now a day that people also do not seem to take the seed of them. But, the disease can have long-lasting implications, so it is necessary to deal with the situations beforehand. If you are clear with the symptoms of infertility, you may know that medical tests are performed, under medical supervision, to be ascertained about the ailment. These medical tests may include:

– Diagnostic laparoscopy: Using this test, Dr. Rybak can directly look into the pelvis or abdomen of the patient. This observation includes portions such as a fallopian tube, lever, ovaries, appendix, uterus, etc. The doctor will be giving you anesthesia before performing the test. A small slit is made in the abdomen through which he can insert a needle inside your lower belly. Through this, CO2 is passed that removes all the organs from the way. Through this area, a small tube is inserted that contains a small camera called a laparoscope. Through this, the doctor can see the inner parts and if possible perform the operation in case of nominal obstruction. He may also dye some parts for him to see them better. After the test, the apparatus is removed and the slits are bandaged and closed.

– Tests for the main sex and endocrine hormones responsible for fertility. The doctor gives special importance to male hormone testosterone in identifying problems on the part of men. (Clomid and testosterone: what is the benefit)

– Endothermal biopsy: This method uses a tube sample from the linings of the uterus to test for cancer or other related ailments. This can be done without anesthesia. After you lie down, he will insert a speculum inside your vagina so that he may split it wide enough to see the cervix. He uses an antiseptic to clean up the area. Thereafter, it is clutched with a tenaculum that clasps the uterus firmly. The cervical dilator is then used to widen the cervical canal in case of any tightness. A hollow tube is then passed through the canal. The tube’s end has a suction mechanism attached to it, which gently takes away a small portion of this lining. A pathologist then tests it for affirming infertility. Be prepared as you may feel a bit of pain and cramp while the test is being performed.

There are several other tests available for testing infertility. They are Hysterosalpingography, LH blood test, Semen analysis, Serum progesterone, etc. that provide you trustworthy reports about your infertility inquiries.

What types of fertility treatments are available?

After finding out the causes of infertility, the doctor will prescribe the most effective treatment for individual case.

You will discover quite a few treatment procedures obtainable for couples facing infertility troubles. Many of the most significant ones are IVF treatment and IVF diagnosis, Organic fertility treatment, regular Chinese medicine, surrogate mothers, infertility acupressure.

– Low-tech and normal forms of treatments are becoming used widely around the globe. Organic remedies like vitamins to help promote ovulation or increase semen, acupuncture is employed for males and females and treatments as basic as eliminating lifestyle issues that might be generating infertility difficulties.

– Then you will discover the traditional fertility specialist forms of treatment such as medications and surgery that make up much more than 85% of the treatments for couples coping with infertility. This will not imply that all of those couples call for medication or surgery that is just the approach that they chose to improve fertility for them. Nevertheless, 3% of infertile couples will resort to making use of Assisted Reproductive Technologies for example IVF. Couples that begin treatment for infertility are most likely to enhance their health condition and more than two-thirds of those couples are also probably to have a kid.

Infertility treatments vary from patient to patient. Quite a few natural types of treatment are readily available, nonetheless, in some far more severe circumstances, couples may well need medical treatment and probably even surgery. As always a patient demands to consult a medical doctor for his or her suitable diagnosis and treatment.

Women’s testimonials

Lisa, 23 y.o.

“By the time I was twelve, I was diagnosed with dermoid cysts on both ovaries. My left ovary was removed; fortunately, they were able to save my right one. Several years later, I started having severe stomach pains. They found more cysts. This time, they couldn’t salvage much. Only the tail end of my remaining ovary was left, and all signs were that it was nonfunctional. Within days, I started having hot flashes and other symptoms. According to my doctor and the blood tests, I was already in perimenopause. Right away, I was started on progesterone and estrogen. The doctors said I would never have children. I was all the twenty-one….

Dr. told me from the start that there was about a 0.5 percent chance of getting pregnant. And that was enough for me. The doctor prescribed me a lot of tests and then prescribed medication. My chances were minimal, but he helped me get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. It was a miracle!

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Author post: Dr. Eli A. Rybak

The doctor received a Master of Health degree from Johns Hopkins University. For a long time, he practiced gynecology, obstetrics, gynecological oncology.
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